Premier Lash Extension Services

When we say the very best, that's exactly what we mean! Beautiful, thick, black lashes that will put even the best, most expensive mascara to shame. These are semi-permanent eyelashes, that will last indefinitely with touch ups. Lash extensions are applied individually to your natural lashes to lengthen and thicken them.

The process is simple. Each extension is applied individually to your natural lash. The lashes are pre-curled, so they look fabulous from the minute they are applied. Your lashes will continue to fall out like they normally would, but don't be alarmed when they start to look sparse. Just come back in for a fill every 2-4 weeks!

Full set of extensions cost $150-175 with difference depending on lash design, shape, length, curl, etc.

Cat Eye

40-50 lashes on the outer corners

Natural Eye

60-75 lashes per eye

Glamour Eye

80-110 lashes per eye

By combining superior products with application expertise, Lash Logix provides full, long-lasting eyelashes via an innovative eyelash extension technique. Lash Logix is pleased to endow our beauty clients with gorgeous eyelashes and renewed confidence in their appearance. Call now to schedule a lash consultation.