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I was a first-timer to lash extensions and never really thought about getting any for myself. I knew a co-worker really wanted to try them, so as a way of saying "Thank you" for a job well done I bought her a gift certificate from Andi. She absolutely LOVED them and they looked AMAZING! After seeing the dramatic difference in her eyes I knew I wanted the same look. I booked my first appointment and was thrilled with the end results. Not only do they look fabulous, but to wake up every morning knowing I don't have the need for any mascara is magnificent!
Since I’ve had my Premier Faux Mink Lashes, I receive compliments frequently from people commenting on how pretty my eyes are...."Wow, you look great, your eyes seem to just "pop" with a fresh dramatic look"!
I drive an hour every two to three weeks to have my lashes refilled. I wouldn't do it if I wasn't ecstatic with the results. My own lashes are very thin and short even with multiple coats of mascara. I now have the thick, long, full lashes I've always desired. Thank you Andi, for giving me the lash look I've always fantasized having!
Terri Vogel, Denison, TX